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Application Process
Our admissions process is selective and it has 3 steps:
1: Online application
2: Applicant screening
3: Interview
Learning, Code Jams and Assignments
You will be exposed to our professional teacher, who wil carry you along while learning, with hands-on code-along classes.
Build your Portfolio and Land a Job with our help
You will be taught how to sell yourself, through your Portfolio and Land awesome Jobs.
Upfront payment or ISA Package
For the first cohort, a fee of $180 will be charged. Pay upfront, or pay 10% of your monthly salaray once you're hired for 1 year.
Learn the skills that matter for a fast-moving world
HTML CSS Responsive web design Building forms Git commands Functions Objects Classes Modules Error handling Error handling Document Object Model (DOM) Vue.js)
Node Js Express and MongoDB Authentication APIs Testing Express Final Project
Front End & Back End
Web Design course Introduction to Programming JavaScript & jQuery Intro to SQL and Database PHP & MySQL programming course C# programming course or 4-days Java programming course SWIFT programming for iOS iPhone App development
Introduction Android App Development Introducing the Android History of Android Different Versions of Android What is the role of Java Android official IDE as a development tool Android Market What is SDK Install SDK Native Libraries Dalvik App Framework Android Architecture Activities Intents Broadcast Receivers Services Content Providers Hello, World! Android App Create Hello, World Application Compile and Run Hello, World! Android App Use app Emulator Android Studio Android App development IDE for building Android applications Debugging tools Performance tools Debugging and editing using Android Studio Android GUI, Lists and Adapters How to create UI for applications Using themes Views Buttons Text view List Dialog views Menu in Android Applications GUI Adapters Logging Threading Colour Using the standard widgets Preferences File System Manifest File Localisation and Screen Resolution Understanding localisation Understanding Screen resolution Creating apps that works with multiple layouts Creating apps that works with multiple screen resolutions Handling localisation and screen resolution changes Database for Android App SQLite DbHelper Opening database Closing a database execSQL Cursor SQLiteOpenHelper SQL select SQL insert SQL update SQL delete Graphics & Animation User of graphics in app How to use images Android graphic routines Draw bitmap How to make animation in Apps Canvas Drawing Broadcast Receivers What are broadcast receivers Network receiver Boot receiver Broadcast intent System Services Location Service Intent services custom services service class Start a service run a service Stop a service Integration with APIs Openweather map Publishing your app on the Android Market How to publish an app? What to consider before submitting app Preparing for Release Application licensing Signing and publishing apps Versioning Your Applications Project in Android App Development Project - Build a complete Android application: Build a complete real world Android application from start to finish, in class with an experienced developer as mentor.
Foundations of Data Science Python Programming Advanced Data Mining and Web Scraping with BeautifulSoup and Selenium Data Visualization with NumPy & Pandas Statistical Modelling Data Exploration using Jupyter Notebooks Linear Regression
Foundations of Data Science Text Visualization with Wordcloud Unsupervised Learning Introduction to Deep Learning Unsupervised Learning Text Mining and NLP Techniques Neural Networks Get Started with Keras Data Science for Image Processing and Computer Vision.
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FrontEnd Web Development
Make one-time payment of $180 for your FrontEnd Web Course
BackEnd Web Development
Make one-time payment of $180 for your BackEnd Web Course
Full-Stack Developer
Make one-time payment of $250 for your Fullstack Course
App Development (iOS and Android)
Make one-time payment of $500 for your Mobile App Course
Data Science
Make one-time payment of $500 for your Data Science Course
Advanced Data Science
Make one-time payment of $500 for your Advanced DS Course
Income share agreement (ISA)
10% of your salary when you get hired,
Every month for 1 year.
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